20 minutes Till Dawn Runes, Where To Find & Upgrade

20 minutes till dawn

20 minutes till dawn released on 8th June 2022 and developed by “flanne” is a crackhead action roguelike where the player must survive 20 minutes against thousands upon thousands of stronger and stronger enemies while also leveling your character up and creating insane synergies and game-breaking builds. It’s a vampire survival-inspired game that’s really fun to play.

You can create a diverse cast of skills with unique abilities and powers. You can unlock different characters as you play the game and each character has its own unique trait which after upgrading becomes god-like powers.

20 Minute Till Dawn Runes

Runes are the upgrades the players can access on the game’s main menu page at the top right side. The variety of builds one can create from these is insane and mind-boggling. There are 2 sides to this, one’s offensive while the other one’s defensive. Each side has four layers of upgrades which are based on the ranks of the characters ranging from 1 to 15+ and each layer contains 3 skills to pick from. Now each skill’s got 5 levels that can be upgraded over time. XP earned by killing the monsters can be used to upgrade the runes.

The “sword” runes depicting offense as the name suggests can greatly enhance the offensive capabilities of the character. You can shoot lightning and thunder, bombs, use flames, and many more with the help of sword runes.

Meanwhile, the “Shield” runes depicting defense as the name suggests come in clutch and protect the character in dire situations. The shield rune is helpful in knocking back enemies amidst fights. It’s activated when the player’s health point goes below 50%.

You cannot upgrade the level 15 or level 10 runes directly, before that you need to unlock the previous level 1 or level 5 runes 5x times to proceed to the next level rune upgrade. So you need to figure out beforehand which level 15 rune you need to unlock first and accordingly unlock that tree from level 1.

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