The Quarry How To Save Everyone & Get Rough Night Achievement

The Quarry

In The Quarry, there is a total of 186 different kinds of endings, where players can either save one, save all, let all die, and much more. If you save all the playable characters in this game, you will get an achievement called “Rough Night”. Below you will find a brief guide on which choices to make to save all the playable characters in the quarry. Make sure not to fail any QTE as this might result in a change in the path outcome.

The Quarry Save Everyone

In the hut when he is bit by a werewolf, Ryan you will get an option to cut off Dylan’s hand. To save Dylan you need to cut off his hand either by a chainsaw or shoot it with a shotgun. Doing nothing will later turn Dylan into a werewolf while operating the crane.


At one point in the game when Nick becomes aggressive and tosses Abigail away while trying to transform. Abigail needs to shoot Nick down to save herself. If you don’t shoot or let the timer run out Abigail will die.


If at the start of the game you have picked up the rotor arm from the van, you will get an option to dive into the lake to obtain it again where you will find a piece of evidence. There you will get two options from which you need to choose to “Detangle” it carefully.

In the scene near the firepit where Ryan and the others are interacting, they will hear something in the bush. Ryan takes up the shotgun and you will have a chance to shoot in the bush. Do not shoot in the bush because if you do Jacob will be dead.

In The Quarry chapter 8, you will reach the place where Jacob is trapped in the cage, you need to save Jacob by solving the circuit breaker puzzle. You need to first pull the third switch, then the second, and finally the first.


In The Quarry chapter 10 choose to “Stay” as this will save Max. If you choose to swim to shore, hungry Caleb will kill him.


When Laura and Ryan reach the cage where Jacob and Nick the monster will be trapped. There will be a scene where Laura will be trying to shoot the monster and you will get only one option to stop laura. Stopping laura will save Nick, if you don’t stop Laura Nick will be dead.

For a more detailed Guide Check HERE.


After swimming when Emma reaches the tree house you need to search the bags first. If you open the trap door first, Emma will die from the werewolf attack as she has no means to defend herself.

If you search the bags first, you will get a taser and a few items to defend yourself. Then open the trapdoor and use the taser on the werewolf. You can also click a picture of a werewolf for the evidence.

Note: Make sure not to let Emma get bitten off by the werewolf, or else she will kill Kaitlyn and the other survivors when they find her in the van.


For Kaitlyn to stay alive players need to pick up the soft toy while playing as Abigail in Chapter 1 in when she is in the hut. If you will find the stuffed toy at a later part of the game Kaitlyn will be able to escape the werewolf by baiting him inside the freezer by throwing or using the toy as a “Decoy“. Hence, locking the werewolf inside and ensuring her safety.


In one of the chapters, Ryan will be stabbed and you will get an option to get a bite from Laura so that Ryan can get regeneration ability and heal the wound. When Laura was about to bite Ryan do not pull away because if you do Ryan will die. Also later Ryan will encounter with Chris whom you need to kill to lift the curse from Max.


Make sure to be on the good side of Travis because in prison if you try to steal his gun or shoot him, at a later part of the game he will kill Laura. In the game when Laura gets a chance to explore the police station on the second floor you will find a syringe that you need to hide behind the brick. Instead of Taking the Gun, wait for another chance as you will get an opportunity to use the syringe later and inject the sedative into his vein. If you have used a gun instead of a syringe then Travis will use Silver Backed Mirror once Chris Hackett is dead ultimately killing her in cold blood.

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