The Quarry Can You Save Nick? All Choices & Outcomes For Nick Safety

The Quarry

In the Quarry missing QTE or not making any action also will change the path outcome. At various times the playable characters might turn in this game, but they can be saved at a later chapter of the game. One such character is Nick who will get turned early game but below you will find the choices you need to make in order to save Nick.

The Quarry Can You Save Nick?

Yes, you can Nick will be bitten by the werewolf who is Caleb in the forest while he is with Abigail, after that there will be a gunshot on the werewolf. As Abigail, you will get two choices which are “Run To The Camp” or “Help Nick“. You need to choose to help Nick and then Abigail will try to pull Nick’s body, but the werewolf will again attack Abigail. Do not worry Abigail will not be harmed while helping Nick.

If you choose to “Run To The Camp”, the sequence plays out the same, but now you have abandoned Nick and later when he meets Abigail he will be angry as to why she left her alone. You will also get a choice “Bitter” to tell Abigail that she ran away without helping.

Note: You will also get a QTE where you need to hold your breath as Abigail, failing to do so will result in the death of Abigail.

In Chapter 6 when Nick gets aggressive and tries to attack Abigail, you need to shoot at him. Failing to do so will result in the death of Abigail. Even if you shoot Nick, he won’t die as he will have the regenerative ability. Now instead of attacking Nick will flee the place.

In a later part of the game when you reach the area where Jacob and the werewolf Nick. Laura and Ryan will not have a clue who the monster is and Laura will try to shoot at it. There you will get only one option to “Stop Laura”. If she will shoot the werewolf Nick will die.

As Caleb is the one that turned Nick you need to kill him at the end of the game which will lift Nick’s curse and he will be saved.

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