The Quarry- All Tarot Cards Location For All Chapter

The QuarryIn The Quarry, there is a total of 22 Tarot Cards hidden in the game. To collect them all you need to walk on specific routes to change the camera angles automatically which will allow you to collect the Tarot Cards and help you to look at and predict the future. You can collect all Tarot Cards in a single playthrough if you have selected the “Rocky Road” as Nick in Chapter 2. To help you, we have explained how and where to locate all the Tarot Cards presented in The Quarry. Even though you will collect Tarot Cards i.e. more than one, you will only be allowed to see one card that holds a possible vision of the near future.

All Tarot Cards Location For All Chapters In The Quarry

  1. The Fool: In the Prologue when the car breaks down and you take control over Laura in the woods, there are two ways that will lead you to the same path where Harum-Scarum Poster can be collected. Instantly take the left path that will let you collect the first Tarot Card of the game and the Freakshow Fire Clue.
  2. Temperance: In Chapter 1 when playing as Jacob, after entering the lodge through the window search each and every room before talking to Dylan and Nick. Enter the kitchen where the Tarot Card will be placed behind the utensil.
  3. The Hanged Man: In Chapter 2 most importantly while playing as Nick select “Rocky Road“. Next, move straight forward on the path instead of taking a detour inside after reading the signboard. The camera angle will change automatically to the top where the Tarot Card will be placed on top of the hill.
  4. The Star: In Chapter 3 when you are playing as Jacob, Emma will send you to find and grab some towels. As soon as you walk out of the pier, the camera angle will change showing you the Tarot Card that needs to be collected.
  5. The Tower: In Chapter 3 when Abigail got upset and leaves the campfire, you will be allowed to control her again in the dark woods. Instead of going straight take a detour to the left at the beginning and stick to the path going towards the left. Ultimately, the camera angle will change allowing you to collect the Tarot Card.
  6. Strength: In Chapter 4 during the cutscene when Nick was escorted back to the lodge with the help of a wheelbarrow. Before opening the door, the camera will focus on the benches where the Tarot Card is placed. It is missable if you are not aware or had your attention on somewhere else.
  7. The Magician: In Chapter 4 while playing as Emma who is stranded on the island alone, walk towards the pier behind instead of forward. Once you reach the edge of the pier, you will be able to find and collect the Tarot Card.
  8. The Devil: In Chapter 5, playing as Dylan walk towards the swing and benches i.e. placed near the tree where Vial was found. While standing in front of the swing and middle of the benches, the camera angle will shift revealing the Tarot Card stuck on one of the benches to the left.
  9. The Hermit: In Chapter 5, instead of entering the Broadcasting Room, advance to the left towards the tower where you will find the Tarot Card.
  10. Justice: In Chapter 6 while playing as Jacob, once you climb the stairs and advance forward to find the Memory Card there is a Tarot Card waiting to be found. Proceed ahead and descend down the stairs and instead of going forward and meeting Emma, walk left towards a tree which will shift the camera angle to the Tarot Card.
  11. The Moon: In Chapter 6, Nick is sick, and while playing as Abigail search all the rooms inside the alley for clues, evidence, and a Tarot Card. Enter the second room to find the Tarot Card placed behind the door.
  12. The Chariot: It can be found in Chapter 7. While playing as Laura, you enter the room where multiple desks are placed after exiting your prison cell area. Walk into the middle row of the desk which will change the camera angle showing you the Tarot card.
  13. The World: It can be found in Chapter 7 when you take control of Laura, once Max is taken for questioning. Inside your chamber, walk straight to the bars or beside the basin to change the camera angle which will focus on the Tarot Card placed under the bed.
  14. The Empress: In Chapter 8 just after entering Hackett’s House Basement and taking control over Ryan, enter the left room instead of going forward.
  15. The Lovers: It can be found in Chapter 8 when Laura and Ryan are inside the mine. After climbing up the stairs and hearing Eliza’s voice calling “Silas“. You will enter another area of the mine where before climbing the stairs, there is an extension of a platform at the left for sightseeing. Do not follow Ryan or else a cutscene will begin where the rusty stairs will break down and you have to input the correct button shown to grab hold of Ryan’s hand.
  16. Wheel Of Fortune: It can be found in Chapter 8 when Laura and Ryan just enter the Cave that connects mine and Hackett’s House Basement. Advance forward through the path where Rum Barrels are placed left and right sides of the racks.
  17. The Emperor: It can be found in Chapter 8 after you take control of Ryan and enter Hackett’s House Basement. Move forward a little bit until the camera angle changes and show you the Tarot card placed on the left side of the wall.
  18. Death: In Chapter 9 at Kaylee’s Room, when playing as Ryan who was stabbed and escaped through the chute. Explore the room where Kaylee’s Letter can be found. Near the cupboards, you will notice a birdcage. Walk beside the birdcage which will change the camera angle to the Tarot Card which will be placed on top of the cupboard.
  19. The Sun: It can be found in Chapter 9 when you are playing as Laura. After climbing up the stairs where the Piano was placed. You will come to the first room where Hackett’s Family Tree will be hung on the wall. After exiting move forward and once you enter the second room, you can collect the Tarot Card i.e. placed outside the window. Once you open the door of the room, you will be encountering the old man.
  20. Judgement: In Chapter 9 inside the scrapyard, you take control over Dylan and unlock the gate in search of a working car. After unlocking the gate, you will advance forward and climb stairs to get on top of the container. Instead of sticking to the path forward, explore the left side on top of the container where you will find the Tarot Card: Judgement.
  21. The Hierophant: In Chapter 9, if Emma and Abigail both are alive, you will find them in the lodge’s storm shelter. Playing as Abigail, walk towards the stairs of the storm shelter/basement where the Tarot Card will be placed on the side of the shelves.
  22. The High Priestess: When you will be allowed to play as Kaitlyn in Hackett’s Quarry lodge at the beginning of Chapter 10, climb up the stairs as you are supposed to. Instead of going straightforward and interact to find the clue, Ancestral Portrait; you have ignored the left turn and the whole area. Before entering the lodge bedroom area, there is a stair leading to the attic. Climb the stairs where you will find the final Tarot Card on the left part of the area when you are wandering in the middle section of the attic near a chair.

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