The Quarry All Evidence List In Each Chapter, Location & How To Find

The Quarry

In The Quarry, there is a total of 10 pieces of evidence that you need to collect in order to prove your innocence at the end of the game. As the counselors will be held accountable for the murder of the Hackett Family, to prove your innocence and to get the best ending you can collect all the 10 pieces of evidence. Collecting all the evidence will also unlock the conspiracy theory achievement. Below you will find the location of all the evidence in each chapter.

The Quarry All Evidence Location

Note: Let Jacob steal the rotor arm from the van to get the third evidence in chapter 3.

Empty Veil (Chapter 1) – The first evidence you can find near the large tree when you play as Abigail, there you will find an empty veil with an unpleasant odor.

Torn Bags (Chapter 2) – While exploring the locked room in the store Emma will find two torn bags. Interact with the torn bags to find the second evidence.

Bloated Corpse (Chapter 3) – Choose to retrieve the rotor arm from the lake and inside the lake Jacob needs to choose to grab the rotor arm where you will find a bloated corpse as third evidence.

Attack Photo (Chapter 4) – In the tree house, Emma will get a choice to either search the bag or open the trap door, make sure to search the bag first in which she will get her equipment. After that, you need to select take a photo to get the fourth evidence.

Claw Marks (Chapter 5) – Before entering the radio hut look for the claw marks on the wall, left side of the door, and on top of vents to find the fifth evidence.

Memory Card (Chapter 6) – Explore the wooden walkway when you will be playing as Jacob, there on the ground you will find a broken and dirty camera. Jacob will take out its memory card and keep it to find some evidence.

Cease & Desist Letter (Chapter 7) – Sheriff’s Office when you are allowed to play as Laura when she has lost her eye after seeing the truth from her eyes. Before entering the office, you will find the clue opposite to the door.

Scarred Flesh (Chapter 8) – Quarry mines when you are climbing up the stairs and reach the entrance of the Cave. In this area where the signboard is located there would be a platform built around the pillar of rock. Beside the rock, you will find this evidence.

Kaylee’s Letter (Chapter 9) – Hackett House when you play as Ryan alone after escaping the room from the hatch or garbage chute. Supposedly in Kaylee’s Bedroom, you will find the 9th Evidence where she confesses to her Grandmother.

Trail Cam Footage (Chapter 10) – Lodge Attic while playing as Kaitlyn search the attic where you will find the bag that contains trail cam footage.

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