The Quarry All Clues List, Location & How To Find Them

The Quarry

In The Quarry, there are 40 clues that you need to locate by exploring various areas. There are three subcategories in which the clues are divided which are freakshow fire, Hackett’s history, and camp history clues. By finding all clues you will unlock an achievement called Meddling Kids! You can collect all the clues during a single playthrough but for that, you need to make some correct choices. Below you will find the list of clues you can find in The Quarry and where to find them.

The Quarry All Freakshow Fire Clues List

  1. Harum Scarum Poster (Prologue)
  2. Escapology Trunk (Prologue)
  3. Broken Cage (Prologue)
  4. Newspaper Headline Scrap (Chapter 1)
  5. Damaged Memorabilia (Chapter 2)
  6. North Kill Gazette (Chapter 3)
  7. Charred Sheriff’s Badge (Chapter 7)
  8. Discarded Signage (Chapter 9)
  9. Ticket Stub (Chapter 10)

The Quarry All Hackett’s History Clues List

  1. Family Photo (Chapter 2)
  2. Ranger Box (Chapter 2)
  3. Trail Camera (Chapter 2)
  4. No Swimming Sign (Chapter 3)
  5. Old Camp Photo (Chapter 3)
  6. Police Car Keys (Chapter 4)
  7. Box of Matches (Chapter 4)
  8. Triggered Bear Trap (Chapter 5)
  9. Scrawled Limerick (Chapter 7)
  10. Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast (Chapter 7)
  11. Old Quarry Tools (Chapter 8)
  12. Miner’s Lunchbox (Chapter 8)
  13. Rum Still (Chapter 8)
  14. Scrapyard Note (Chapter 9)
  15. Hunting Trophy Wall (Chapter 9)
  16. Hackett Family Tree (Chapter 9)
  17. Chalkboard Doodle (Chapter 10)
  18. Inscribed Jewelry (Chapter 10)
  19. Ancestral Portrait (Chapter 10)

The Quarry All Camp History Clues List

  1. Bloodied Collar (Prologue)
  2. Hunting Notice (Chapter 1)
  3. Camp Plaque (Chapter 1)
  4. Camp Song Recording (Chapter 1)
  5. Information Signpost (Chapter 1)
  6. Lodge Renovation Plans (Chapter 2)
  7. Counselor’s Ledger (Chapter 2)
  8. Letter to Camp Nurse (Chapter 5)
  9. Kid’s Letter Home (Chapter 6)
  10. Spooky Drawing (Chapter 6)
  11. Campers Photo (Chapter 6)
  12. Camp Letter (Chapter 10)
Prologue Clues

Harum Scarum Poster: At Prologue in the Woods when you are playing as Laura, you will find the first clue stuck on a tree just as you proceed ahead.

Escapology Trunk: After getting the first clue look for a way on the left and you will find a chest, inside it, you will find this clue.

Broken Cage: On the main path where you will find two paths one towards the left and another one towards the right. You need to go toward the right path where you will find the clue.

Bloodied Collar: While exploring the basement of the Quarry camp you will find the bloodied collar on the floor.

Chapter 1 Clues

Hunting Notice: As the chapter starts you will play as Joacb, go near the fence to find a notice board for hunters that the deer hunting is canceled.

Camp Plaque: You will find the plaque on the left side of the camp’s main door, check it out before entering the camp.

Newspaper Headline Scrap: While playing as Abigail choose the option to break into the cabin and on the left side of the room after crossing the first bed you will find the clue.

Camp Song Recording: In front of room no 8 near the stairs you will find a tape recorder.

Information Signpost: Next to the big tree in the middle, you will find a directional signpost. Interact with the post to find the clue.

Chapter 2 Clues

Damaged Memorabilia: When Jacob and Emma enter the general store, search the shelves for clues.

Lodge Renovation Plans: You can find this clue in the same room near the locked door that later you have to go in. On the shelves, you will find the renovation plans.

Family Photo: In Chris’s room, while playing as Dylan and Ryan, you need to interact with his family photo kept on the desk to find the clue.

Counselors Ledger: Interact with the trap door in Chris’s office, while Dylan will sit on Chris’s chair and check out the drawers where he will find the counselor’s ledger.

Ranger Box: While Nick and Abigail go on a walk through the woods, you need to select the choice to go through Shady Glade where you will find two clues. On the left side path, you will find Ranger Box.

Trail Camera: Follow the ranger box clue guide and then take the right path to find the trail camera.

Chapter 3 Clues

No Swimming Sign: Before talking with Emma look near the railing in the middle of the left and right wood walkway to find the board with the no swimming without supervision sign.

North Kill Gazette: On the opposite side of the no swimming sign clue you will find this clue. You just need to turn back and inspect the item on the table.

Old Camp Photo: After getting both the clues to go towards the far left side and on the wooden pillar you will find a photo hanging.

Chapter 4 Clues

Box Of Matches: Take the low road and once you reach the stairs, do not take the stairs and keep going on the ground from the right side to find an abandoned campfire. Interact with the campfire to find the clue.

Police Car Keys: Once you find the box of matches, return to the stairs you have encountered before. Climb up the stairs and keep going till you find the cabin. On the left side of the cabin door, you will find a window to interact with it to find the clue.

Chapter 5 Clues

Triggered Bear Trap: On the left side of the camp cabins Dylan keeps going straight and there you will find a bear trap to inspect.

Letter To Camp Nurse: You will find this clue in between cabin number 3 and 4.

Chapter 6 Clues

Campers Photo: Can be found on the pinboard of the poolhouse.

Spooky Drawing: In the pool house you will find a locker at the end of the room. You need to interact with the locker to find the drawing inside.

Kid’s Letter Home: After that when you get the control of Emma you need to turn to the right of the campfire and find the yellow tent where you will find the letter.

Chapter 7 Clues

Scrawled Limerick: Writing on Laura’s Cell, Interact with it to find the clue.

Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast: After hacking Sheriff’s Computer.

Charred Sheriff’s Badge: While you are playing as Laura exploring the station, go up the stairs, take a right and open the second door on the left to find the charred Sheriff’s Badge.

Chapter 8 Clues

Old Quarry Tools: When Ryan and Laura both fall down in the mines. Advance forward and on the path, you will find the Tools placed near the stairs.

Miner’s Lunchbox: When Ryan and Laura both fall down in the mine during the search for an entrance to Hackett’s mansion. Walk around the water to reach the backside of the rock.

Rum Still: When you play as Ryan, look for a room on your left, there on the walls, you will find Rum Stills.

Chapter 9 Clues

Hunting Trophy Wall: At Hackett House when you are being chased by the old man while being played as Laura. Once you enter the room where the Piano is placed, beside the stairs, you will find the Trophy placed on the Wall.

Hackett Family Tree: In Hackett House while playing as Laura. Once you climb up the stairs and enter the first room, you will find it hung on the wall near the 5000$ cage receipt.

Scrapyard Note: Once you take control of Dylan head upstairs in the scrapyard to find the clue.

Discarded Signage: In the scrapyard after going through the stairs and crossing some containers you will come across stairs that will lead you down. Head down the stairs and look for the bright green paint on the left to find the clue.

Chapter 10 Clues

Camp Letter: Once you take control of Kaitlyn head upstairs and take a left to the room inside where you will find the letter.

Inscribed Jewelry: While playing as Kaitlyn and searching each floor for a good vantage point. Move to the attic where you will find the clue.

Chalkboard Doodle: While playing as Kaitlyn and searching the top stairs for a good vantage point. Inside one of the rooms which are supposed to be a classroom is where you will find the whiteboard clue.

Ancestral Portrait: You won’t be able to miss this one as it is required to inspect the portrait on the first floor to progress in the game.

Ticket Stub: In chapter 5 the encounter of hunter and Kaitlyn you need to shoot at the table (for this to happen you need to succeed in the first QTE and fail the second QTE), then only the clue will be available in chapter 10. After that, you will interact with the broken picture at the top left side of the stairs to find the ticket stub clue.

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