The Cycle Frontier- Waterweed Filament & Where To Find Location

The Cycle: FrontierThe cycle Frontier, a PvPvE game i.e. Player vs Player vs Environment transports the players as persecutors on an alien planet Fortuna 3 where they have three faction dealers each with their own unique quest, and reputation levels, and ability to buy weapons from them. You can make your items using resources you get on raids and also modify weapons. You complete the quest objectives, kill monsters, kill people, and get to the extraction point, that’s the whole premise.

Killing aliens and finding plants, both are part of the gameplay in The Cycle Frontier. Finding plants can be a little difficult as they blend in with the environment in the vast Greenlands, forests, and water bodies so the players need to look around for them while being careful of other players and monsters as most of the time they’re fairly in open areas. Waterweed being one of them, its filaments are used to craft medicine-related consumables.

The Cycle Frontier Waterweed Filament Location

Players can find water weed filaments near the sources of water but the best places would be either in lake or swamp areas on the bright Sands map such as the area around the Lake, Waterfall Lab, and Waterfalls and southwest of the swamp camp.

When you get there you’ll want to run around the edges of the water to look for these plants. You can harvest it after finding one or if you need it in large amounts then just hang around the area as they respawn pretty quickly. The plant will have five petals with tentacles coming out from the middle. It is an orange-pinkish color plant with roots spread over a bit in the water.

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