The Cycle: Frontier- The Strider Head And How To Defeat

The Cycle: FrontierChads of the gaming universe, let’s accept the fact since the release date, The Cycle: Frontier is quite busy being its fans’ favorite. No wonder there were a plethora of games back then where you landed on an unknown planet or some parallel universe beyond the black hole and then you discover new life along with banishing monsters and alien bosses.

So The Cycle: Frontier somewhere spins around the same idea of the landing of in superficial amazing different worlds, killing monsters, raiding survivals, and gaining points. But gamers, this game doesn’t feel this boring actually, it has definitely made its best in terms of the VFX, graphics, and controls, and definitely the amount of creativity the developers have put in to make it really immersive. But this time, we are here to help you out with the small components that you really need to collect to keep up your points. So our topic of discussion today is the Striders!

Since you have landed on an unknown map and just as your Fortuna III door opens, you will really be amazed to see the new world around you. But then let us warn you, the inhabitants of the plant may not give you a good welcome. The map is filled with odd creatures and monsters all around yet the best part is you to tackle them out to gain points or survival needs.

The Striders In The Cycle: Frontier

Roughly you will come across an odd bipedal animal of the plant called the Striders by the Fortuna III crew. Somewhat they look like close cousins of velociraptors yet a bit red ones. You can find them dwelling around everywhere on the map. These are Medium-sized agile creatures that can exhaust your ammo soon. But killing them gives you strider head and strider flesh. The strider head can be used to make an uncommon helmet and carry it around in your inventory.

Unless you want some unwanted attention from other monsters and threats from players you should definitely choose a charged knife to stab the striders than killing them with bullets. Reaching for a knife attack not only saves your bullet and life but also makes you more agile so that you can dodge and have more chances to get missed by other monsters.

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