The Cycle: Frontier- Old Currency And What To Do With It?

The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier is a PvPvE game i.e. Player vs Player vs Environment transports the players as persecutors on an alien planet Fortuna 3 where they have three faction dealers each with their own unique quest, reputation levels, and ability to buy weapons from them. You can make your items using resources you get on raids and also modify weapons. You complete the quest objectives, kill monsters, kill people, and get to the extraction point, that’s the whole premise.

The aliens run free in the wild and with abandoned research facilities the players who have entered as prosecutors will have to collect loot and resources while fighting these monsters as well as other prosecutors who have entered. You can enter either play solo or with your friends that consist of three players.

Old Currency And What To Do With It In The Cycle: Frontier

Old Currency can be farmed and collected when you search for Safe, Jackets, Briefcase, or any other human belongings. The old currency has literally no value except that it can be sold to any vendor. They will exchange it with K-Marks at a conversion rate of 1:1 and holds no weight.

K-Mark is the main currency i.e. used in the game and can be used for generally purchasing Items, Repairing Armor, you name it. Selling Old Currency is also a nice addition to your pocket when it comes to earning K-Mark.

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