The Cycle Frontier Data Drive, Where To Find & How To Upgrade

The Cycle: Frontier

YAGER developments have instilled an out-of-box feature in The Cycle Frontier game. There are many resources and quests, out of which one of the quests is to complete the Work Quest part IV of the Independent Civilian Advisory (ICA) faction. This quest includes upgrading your data drive from a common data drive to an uncommon data drive. This guide will help you to reach your goal. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

The Cycle Frontier Where To Find Data Drives

These drives can be purchased from the ICA market or are spawned inside briefcases, cabinets, and safes. If you aren’t doing the quest, the data drives can be upgraded to the legendry tier which will be helpful for getting Krypto Marks, nevertheless, this quest only requires an uncommon data driver. One thing that should be noted common data drives are of no use.

Location of Uplift Towers

The data drives can be upgraded tier by tier by inserting them into the console of the Uplift Tower on Fortuna III. These towers are quite visible on the map. One of the two is present near the center little towards the north and another is present on the southeast part of the map. There is also another way to this, head over to Comms Tower in the west.

Each upgrade needs 30 seconds to complete and the next upgrade needs 30 seconds more than the previous upgrade. Let me explain to you in detail:

  • Common -> Uncommon = 30 seconds (Quest ends)
  • Uncommon -> Rare = 60 seconds
  • Rare -> Epic = 90 seconds
  • Epic -> Legendry = 120 seconds

Total time taken= 5 minutes

Insert the drive each time you need to upgrade and keep waiting till it upgrades to the next level. While upgrading there will be some peculiar things: undesirably, the antennas of the tower will start blinking green, signaling other nearby players. Those players might rush to the place and loot you. The best way to defend them is to go away from the console and hide; keep a track of your enemy and kill them using a sniper when they approach the console.

Rewards for completing the quest:
  • 200x FP
  • 4x ICA Scrip
  • 7000x Krypto Marks

When the data drive is upgraded to upper rarity levels, it can be sold for more Krypto Marks.

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