The Quarry- Kaylee Hackett, Can She Be Saved?

The QuarryIn The Quarry, we must be halfway through the story when the fun and pompous night has taken a wrong turn. Let’s have a quick recap, Emma and Jacob are separated from the group whereas the Bottle game ignited a passion for Abigail and Nick. The night was dangerous and Nick had to be the first one to feel the wrath or curse of Hackett Quarry. Nick is/was hurt and there is a new development in the story. The introduction of Laura to other counselors was pretty heroic and she saved the bunch by killing the werewolf who was on their tail. Later we learn that she was Kaylee Hackett instead of Chris Hackett who she was hunting for. Is there any way to save Kaylee Hackett?

Kaylee Hackett, Can She Be Saved In The Quarry?

As we advance through the night-clearing Chapters, we learn Kaylee Hackett was full of compassion and empathy. She saved the Wolf boy who was trapped in the cage by his mother in the Circus “Harum Scarum“. Supposedly he is the first wolf or might be one of the original that has tainted and bitten one of the members of Hackett’s family i.e. Caleb Hackett while escaping the fire. Kaylee Hackett cannot be saved as she was killed by Laura in the background when the focus was not on them.

There is no possible tinkering in the path that can save Kaylee Hackett, instead, you can save all the other members of the Hackett family if you think they are also the victim. Long 6 years of hunting will pay out tonight and it depends on you whether Hackett’s lineage should end or not. If you want to save all of the Hackett family then we have a post ready for it. For more informative guides on The Quarry, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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