The Quarry- How To Turn Everyone Into The Werewolves

The QuarryAnother dark ending in The Quarry is each and every counselor is turned into a pack of werewolves and continue the curse of Hackett Quarry. To achieve that, there are significant ways things have to go down, or else either it might turn into a blood fiesta or the bunch of teenagers will defend themselves successfully. Well, we are not here to learn how to save them, we want them to be infected and in this guide, we will deliver what you want.

How To Turn Everyone Into The Werewolves In The Quarry

Max Brinly:

In the prologue, Max will be bitten by Chris Hackett which is an unavoidable plot of The Quarry. However, you can save Max later.

Nick Furcillo:

The plot will simply choose him to be the first victim among the bunch to be bitten by the werewolf Caleb. It’s inevitable. Later avoid Laura who is eager to shoot Nick thinking of him as Chris Hackett who is entrapped in the cage.

Abigail Blyg:

As soon as Nick is bitten by Caleb apparently, selecting to “Help Nick” instead of running back to the Camp will trigger another set of choices whether to “Run” or “Hide” from the attacker Caleb. “Run” and then next “Hide” and intentionally do not hold the breath. She will be bitten but avoid herself turning into the werewolf for some reason.

Jacob Custos:

In Chapter 6, when you reunite with Emma again soon if she successfully defended herself from Max. Not soon after that, the hunt will begin and this time the receiving end would be Jacob. Instead of dodging and entering the correct input mess it up. This will ensure Caleb is on top of you infecting you successfully. Later “Run” and “Pry Open” the trap. Well, Jacob is infected at this point. Later even if you leave him inside the electric cage, he is infected and Nick will not attack him when Laura busts the power supply.

Emma Mountebank:

When Emma was attacked by Max who was trapped in the treehouse by Laura, ensures that she only gets bitten. After using the Zipline, use Spray on the werewolf Max which will buy you time to enter the treehouse again. After selecting or using the “Trapdoor“, make sure that you do not press the correct input to drop down the cabinet. The werewolf will successfully infect his arm and later while climbing the ladder to reach Trapdoor mess the input again so that she will get bitten by the werewolf again. Either one will successfully turn Emma into the werewolf later.

There is another opportunity when she gets bitten. After reuniting with Jacob for a small moment, she will be pushed down and somehow make her way to the bonfire. While advancing forward, she will encounter the hunters or the Hackett family. She will have the option of Running which if triggered, she will get bitten by the werewolf and then saved by the hunters.

Dylan Lenivy:

Make sure that in Chapter 1 Abigail and Emma “Break In” into the locked cabin or else Dylan will not be bitten by the werewolf. When Dylan was infected by the werewolf in the broadcasting room, Ryan will have the chance to either chop off his hand or get terrified and decide not to harm Dylan. Choosing not to do anything will ensure that Dylan will turn into one of the werewolves later in the scrapyard.

Kaitlyn Ka:

In the scrapyard when Dylan tries to save Kaitlyn, she will be trapped inside the car. Eventually, when you choose to “Slam Car” to save her, she will fall out in the open. Instead of pressing the button to stop powering the magnet, let the werewolf attack Kaitlyn which will ensure her to be next on line. Later at the lodge, the symptom will be clearly visible, and when Caleb attacks again, choose to “Wait” as he will not harm his fellow werewolf after sniffing her out.

Laura Kearney:

After killing Kaylee Hackett and filling them in about what happened to them during their 2 months of absence from the camp to Dylan, Ryan, and Kaitlyn. She will later go back to check how is Max as she believed she hunted and killed Chris Hackett successfully. In that instance, Max will infect Laura and later symptoms will be clearly visible when Ryan and Laura would visit the Hackett Family Mansion. Eventually turning her into the werewolf.

Ryan Erzahler:

As Ryan is hurt and stabbed by Bobby and bleeding to death slowly, Laura will offer her chance to turn him into a werewolf so that healing can kick in and save him from inevitable death. Accept and let her fang sink into your skin. Later when you discover Chris Hackett chained and unchained eventually, Ryan will have the choice to either shoot him or not. If you are bitten by Laura earlier then you are safe, otherwise, you will die eventually from the blood loss.

In summary, only Abigail and Ryan are the ones who are not seen turning into the werewolf. For other informative guides on The Quarry, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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