The Cycle: Frontier- SOS Sign Location “Doing The Work”

The Cycle: Frontier

Doing the Work” is one of several objectives in The Cycle Frontier that come in multiple parts. It begins with a quest for just an SOS Mark and ends with a loot-filled room. As well complicated as the work may look but the objectives are pretty clear and the mission is much self-explanatory to understand and get directed. For the very first mission, amazing gameplay awaits for you.

The questline is divided into eight chapters, and it begins with a conversation involving Marie Gilbert Ravel, ICA’s top procurement officer. The “Doing the Work” mission gives you another chance to gain faction points and improve your standing with the ICA faction. It’s rather important to push the points in order to receive better supplies. The mission is the inception of the first chapter of the game.

The SOS Sign Location For The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier

She’ll ask you to locate and validate the source of a recently intercepted distress signal. You’ll also need to look at the region to see if there are any isolated survivors who need assistance. We need to locate from where the SOS signal has originated. The answer to this would be the rubble underneath the Water Facility in the southern section as shown in the image above.

The second part of the assignment entails going to a Water Facility & locate three batteries that can be used to unlock a closed door. The first two batteries are in a single room near the entrance to the Water Facility, while the last battery is on the building’s balcony. Because of their bright blue glow, they’re simple to notice. After you’ve collected all of the batteries, you can connect them to the plugs outside the building and proceed further to the next part of the mission.

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