The Cycle: Frontier- Skeleton Key And Which Door Does It Unlocks

The Cycle: FrontierYager Development has released The Cycle: Frontier, a free-to-play first-person shooter video game on Steam. It is a “PvEvP” game, which combines player against environment and player vs player gameplay. It’s an amazing addition from the developers which gives you a somewhat close experience of the counter strike but the modern and alien world way. No wonder it has tried to make it realistic and immersive.

There are several types of keys, each of which is needed to unlock various types of rooms, each of which contains various types of prizes. And even throughout the gameplay, you will encounter several closed doors and rooms containing boxes containing valuable materials, loose loot, and mining nodes. You’ll need a specific key in the game to gain access to and plunder these resources.

Key Card Locations In The Cycle: Frontier

Specifically let’s talk about the key cards in general and where to find them in an abundant amount with roaming the map redundantly. Only 2 categories of containers store the keycards. The first is a secure container that you’ll want to keep a close eye out for. The second sort of container is a jacket, which you may recognize in the game. These containers can now be found in a variety of locations across the map. There are few places where you can find or has a high success rate of finding Key Cards. Speaking of such places take the second site Crescent, Starport Admin into consideration.

Here you will find multiple coats and a safe. Because the Starport administration building has three storeys and coats can be found on each floor. On the top level, there are three jackets, six jackets and one safe on the middle level, and two jackets below. And that’s pretty much of a good strategy for all the gamer bugs, hope it’s useful and saves a lot of time to specifically enjoy the game.

The Skeleton Key And Its Location

Out of a wide array of these keys, as our topic suggests we are here for the skeleton keys. The Skeleton Key can be found in the structure south of the Swamp Camp, right next to the giant skeleton. Indefinitely as its name suggests, the rare blue key can be used to open a room in “Swamp Camp” that contains loot as shown in the image below.

The Cycle: Frontier

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