The Cycle Frontier- Server Access Key And Which Door Does It Unlocks

The Cycle: Frontier

Have you come across The Cycle Frontier server access keys and aren’t sure what it’s for? Because the item’s description is vague, almost all the Cycle Frontier users are obliged to conduct their own research. Every key is distinct, and each room contains a different type of treasure, some better than others.

The server access key, like the Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key, is a common rarity. The Cycle Frontier, on the other hand, contains odd, rare, and epic keys. Every key could be used an endless amount of times and has no expiration date, but if you die, you will lose a key. You can keep your keys in the safe pocket if you don’t want to lose them after you die.

Are you looking for a Server Access Key or just a key in general? Keys can be found as loot in three kinds of containers: safes, coats, and desks.

On cycle frontier, all three of these containers can be found inside buildings and structures, points of interest with a lot of buildings are good places to look for keys like the Server access Key. Look through safes or maybe jackets or desks until you find the keys you’re looking for.

How To Use Keys

Once you’ve located a key, put it in either inventory or your safety bag (the latter is preferable), and walk right up to any door you would like to open. The game will urge you to interface with and unlock the door if you already have the keys in the inventory or secure pouch. You can enter the room and close the door, allowing you to loot it safely.

The Cycle Server Access Keys

The server access key can be found in the Comms Tower. Try to find the loots in the building and eventually you will obtain the server access key. Once you have the key to the first floor of the comms tower where you will find the server room that can be opened with the key. There you will find various data drives, safes, and other loots.

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