The Cycle Frontier Janitor Keys & Where To Use It

The Cycle: Frontier

In The Cycle Frontier, The Janitor Key is termed as a common item but you will find quite a good loot once you find the room. There is no description on the key as to which door it will open. Gamers, since you are here searching about the Janitor’s Key in Cycle frontier, you have come across the majors of the game already. And indefinitely you know what’s the use of a key in this game and how crucial keys are for moving forward in the game.

Absolutely the game along with its amazing storyline and gameplay amazes its fans. Yet it had intrigued many critics about the use of varied keys that are scattered all around the map. Well lets us help you to find the Janitor’s key and let you enjoy the forthcoming level.

But first, with the basics, let us tell you the significance of the keys in the game. Keys are used to opening locked rooms that are specified to a particular type of key. You will come across various types of keys on this planet but won’t have much idea which room does it open. Even if you reach the room, it might be open and empty as some other players might have looted it recently.

The Cycle Frontier Keys Location

The Janitor’s Key, as well as other similar keys, can be found as loot in The Cycle: Frontier. Safes, coats, and desks are the only three main types of containers where keys can be located.

Janitor Key Use

The Janitor’s Key is needed to open rooms at Starport Admin area. There will be around 3 rooms in this area that can be opened with the Janitor key. After looting the locked room, you can also explore the starport Admin Area which is also filled with loots. But make sure you are geared up for a high-difficulty area as there are various creatures here stronger than in other areas.

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