The Quarry- How To Save Nick At The End

The QuarryIn The Quarry, we are all stuck together in one of the best horror interactive game where spending an additional night without any supervision seem like one hell of a memory and evidence for the podcast “Bizarre Yet Bonafide“. The night has just begun and Nick became the first victim of the curse of Hackett Quarry. In this guide, it is full of spoilers that might influence future choices and affect your genuine gameplay.

How To Save Nick At The End In The Quarry

After getting beaten by the werewolf, Nick will show signs of turning or super healing. This is a red sign and when he falls in the pool, the mood and environment take a wild turn. At Hackett’s Quarry Camp Poolhouse, Abigail will have an option to either comfort Nick by Calming him or get Aggressive. Either way, he will not believe you and toss you around.

Aim your Shotgun and shoot him so that he will turn into the werewolf and run off. Later on, to cure him, you will have to break the curse. To avoid killing Nick, stop Laura to kill an unidentified werewolf who is trapped in the electric cage along with Jacob at Hackett House Basement. Make sure you save and free Jacob or else gruesome fates await him in the future.

To break the curse on him either you need to cleanse the root or eliminate who turned him. Caleb who has turned into Nick will be responsible for the attack on Kaitlyn in near future. Either shoot him with silver bullets and end the misery for Nick or eliminate the White Wolf at the end to break the curse of Hackett’s Quarry. Either way, he will be saved.

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