The Quarry- How Many Chapters Are There And How Long Will It Take?

The QuarryThe Quarry is an interactive horror game surpassing the wild imagination of the players who were comparing it to the Until Dawn. Don’t get me wrong Until Dawn was a masterpiece of its own but the sheer story development and the classic camp story gone wrong. In-depth proper back story and the lineage shows how each and every single character are victims of the curse of Hackett Quarry. Each chapter seems pretty time-intensive, however, to be sure it ranges from 30- 50 minutes depending on how much time you spend on exploration. This guide contains mild spoilers which seem harmless unless you connect the dots and spoil the game for yourself.

How Many Chapters Are There And How Long Will It Take To Complete The Quarry

Excluding Prologue and Epilogue, there is a total of 10 Chapters that might take you up to 7-9 hours to complete. Each chapter has crucial decisions which will shape the story, moods, and relation with each other. Collecting all the shreds of evidence, clues, and Tarot cards in a single playthrough is impossible. During each chapter, you will be allowed to play every counselor who are involved in the night of demise.

It was already hard to learn who or what kind of mythical creature was attacking us. It makes it worse when there are multiple of them involved and there is nothing to distinguish them. Unless you have completed the game and know which one of the werewolves have attacked us in each chapter and certain location.

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