The Cycle: Frontier- Tall House Key And Which Door Does It Unlocks

The Cycle: FrontierAt The Cycle Frontier, each player dives into the specific map to collect resources and evacuate safely without any casualties. Danger can lurk in the form of either bloodthirsty creatures or scavenging players. The key you have in possession allows you to strategize and loot specific areas quickly as possible before any trouble comes knocking on your door. Depending on the key, it can unlock rooms, houses, mines, etc. and you can get a variety of loots and other essential stuffs like minerals, ammunition, guns, etc. Each key can be used several numbers of times and it hardly takes one safe pocket per key. Duplicates can be sold and earn 1000 Credits per key. There are different kinds of keys in The Cycle Frontier, viz., Skeleton, Server Access, Mine Access, Tall House, Armory, Observation Room Access, etc. in this guide we are going to talk about Tall House Key. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Locating Tall House Key In The Cycle Frontier

Keys in Cycle Frontier can be found randomly after searching on Jackets and Safes. Like all other keys, each key is assigned for specific maps and Bright Sands has its bright yellow color mark on the key. Similarly, for Crescent Falls the keys are colored blue. The keys can be found of different rarity ranging from common to epic. Get this key to access the Tall House in the Woodcutter Camp of the map. These keys are not rare to be found out, hence there might be no loot inside the Tall House yet there is a chance you can find rare rifles inside. Selling duplicate keys would be one of the best options to earn Credits easily.

Tall House Location

The Tall House is located in the Woodcutter Camp in the southeast of Waterfall Labs of Bright Sands. To reach there you need not to make much effort. The house would be standing upon a rock behind a hill. Ps: Once you reach the place, ensure that there are no enemies or monsters hovering in the area. Arrive at the entrance gate of the Tall House using stairs (don’t go by the name, the door is on the first floor only) and interact with the door. The player with the correct key shall open the door. There will be resources such as ammo boxes lying around or grenades, stims, and all types of resources. However, mostly this area is already looted as this is the most common key which everyone possesses.

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