The Cycle Frontier Mine Access Key and Which Door does It Unlocks

The Cycle: Frontier

Using keys in The Cycle Frontier is a way to make the game realistic and unique. It unlocks rooms, houses, mines, etc. and you can get a variety of loots and other essential stuff like minerals, ammo, guns, etc. Each key can be used several numbers of times.

It hardly takes one safe pocket and can be retrieved after death, yet to our surprise, these keys weigh 1 kilo and their duplicates are sold in exchange for 1000 credits per key. There are different kinds of keys in The Cycle Frontier, viz., Skeleton, Server Access, Mine Access, Tall House, Armory, Observation Room Access, etc. in this guide we are going to talk about Mine Access Key. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Where To Find Mine Access Key

Keys in Cycle Frontier can be found in scatters (no specific locations). They are spawned at random and most likely in Jackets and Safes. Like all other keys of Bright Sands, this key has a yellow lip. Get this key to access the Abandoned Mine in the Bright Sand area of the map.

Locked Mine Location:

The locked mine is located in the Abandoned Mine area in the northwestern part of Bright Sands. To be more specific, the mine is situated on the northernmost point of the map and is heavily guarded by monsters. The mine has Titan ores, boxes filled with utilities, and ammo making it worth unlocking.

  • Once you reach to the place, ensure that there are no enemies or monsters hovering in the area.
  • Search for boxes and crates before entering the cave.
  • There might be mineral veins protruding outside the cave.

Get near to the door, interact with the lock and if you do have the right key, it will surely open. Enter inside and make sure to close the gate behind you (there might be invasions of enemies or monsters and defending them might be a pain). In the middle of the cave, you will see the mined items amalgamed with some boxes, which might contain valuable items and minerals that can be used later. At the corners, you might find huge amounts of Brittle Titan ore or Titan ore.

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