The Cycle Frontier Bright Sands Observation Room Key & Door It Unlocks

The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier, a PvPvE (Player vs Player vs Environment) game developed by “Yager
Development” is a cross-genre shooter game that takes the player to the planet Fortuna 3 where they need to complete contracts and missions.

You will also find various mysterious creatures as they run free in the wild and with abandoned
research facilities the players who have entered as prosecutors will have to collect loot and
resources while fighting these monsters as well as other prosecutors who have entered. You
can enter either solo or with a team of three players.

The major selling point or rather a key feature of this game is that you’ll lose any equipment
you set out with once you die unless you’re insured so be careful with what you keep in your

Keys play a key role in The cycle: Frontier as they help the players to get loot. Keys are of many
types and they’re used to unlock different types of rooms which contain different types of loot.
Once you get the keys which are randomly located all over the map, get to the assigned room
for the key and you can get high-valued loot.

A particular key can be used multiple times on a single door. You can’t use a single key on
multiple doors as you need other types of keys. There are various types of keys you will obtain while exploring and each type of key open a single door. Below you will find where to locate the observation room.

Bright Sands Observation Room Location

You will find the observation room in the vaccine lab that you will find in the right side of the map. Once you enter the vaccine lab head over to the first floor where you will find the locked room that can be opened with the observation key. Use the key to open the door and collect the loots.

Abandoned Locked Mine Key

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