20 Minutes Till Dawn How To Destroy Trees, Best Character & Ability

20 minutes till dawn

20 Minutes till dawn is a top-down adventure survival game developed by flanne. In this game, there are 7 characters and 7 weapons to choose from at the start of the game. After that each time you defeat an enemy and collect the orb you will gain some experience.

Keep gaining experience to level up and obtain power up. There are various abilities you can choose and each ability has 3 upgrades. Each time you level up you will obtain one ability. While the horde of enemies is easier to kill, the tree that you find occasionally will block your path and if you touch them you will lose one hp. Below you will find a way to destroy these trees.

20 Minutes Till Dawn How To Destroy Trees

Trees are also your enemies in this game and have a huge amount of health bar that is not shown to you. You can deal damage to the trees with your normal weapon and ability but you will not be able to destroy them.

There is only one way in this game to destroy the trees which is to take one of the upgrades of the ability Cryomancy. The ability name will be “frostbite”. By choosing this ability whenever your character freezes an enemy they lose 25% of their Max HP. Now if you freeze the tree 3-4 times, it deals a massive amount of damage due to frostbite ability and you will be able to destroy them.

Now Cryomancy ability has three upgrades which are:

  • Bullets have a 35% chance to inflict Freeze for 3 Seconds
  • Boss enemies are Frozen for 0.3 Second


  • When enemies are afflicted with Freeze, they lose 25% Max HP, Boss enemies only lose 1% Max HP.

Ice Shard

  • On firing the last bullet of the magazine fires 3 additional ice shards that inflict Freeze


  • Enemies that are Frozen explode when killed, Explosion deals 25% max HP to nearby enemies.

Cryomancy skills can be fused and synergized with the Pryomancy ability and you will obtain “Frost Fire”. When you have frost fire, if you inflict freeze to the enemy, they will also burn for 6 damage per second. To obtain the frost fire ability you need to have the frostbite ability of Cryomancy and intense burn ability of Pryomancy.

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