Diablo Immortal Hilts & Hilts Trader Location

Diablo ImmortalDiablo immortal released on 2nd June 2022 is an absolutely amazing game. It’s a standard packet slash like a dungeon crawler. You’re gonna run through, kill monsters, get gear and then move onto the next dungeon, and repeat the whole thing again. The game runs pretty smoothly and what makes it an amazing experience are the diverse builds and the classes are also made very well in general.

Diablo Immortal Hilts

Diablo immortal consists of four currency systems:- Eternal Orbs, Platinum, Gold, and hilts. Hilts are the currency that can help the players to buy and craft items and even legendary crests.

Farming Hilts- Hilts are a form of currency that can’t be farmed and only be earned through certain events. They’re rare and are the best way to get items that are extremely difficult to find.

Getting the first kill of the day- The players get a random reward for killing the first enemy of the day. The chance of getting a hilt from this is not low so be sure to log in every day.

Challenge Rifts- Completing challenge rifts grants the player’s hilts as rewards as your rank will increase in the group as well as solo leaderboards.

Battle pass– Some of the random rewards in battle pass give you a chance to get hilts so make sure to keep an eye on them.

Faction Quests– The player can either join the shadow faction to raid the vaults and get hilts or join the immortal faction and defend the vault to earn them.

Leaderboards- Once the player reaches the top 1000 in solo or top 10 in teams they will get hilts as rewards.

Codex– This being the easiest method to earn hilts includes the player killing enemies and exploring the map to complete achievements in the codex during the main story.

Diablo Immortal Hilts trader location

Once the player has enough hilts, they can now buy end-game items. You need to go to Lieutenant Fizriah who the game will guide you as a part of the main storyline. In case you are unable to find him during the main storyline, you can visit the Westmarch area and find the immortal overlook waypoint. Just above the waypoint, you can find Lieutenant Fizriah who will sell various items that can be exchanged for Hilts.

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