Diablo Immortal- Light 9 Lamp Puzzle Guide For Lost Runes Quest

Diablo Immortal

The death of Archangel Tyrael leaves mankind with the horror of an aftermath. The world stone
that holds great powers are scattered throughout the lands and now you need to collect them, radiating corruption before the demons. The continuation in the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal unravels the secrets between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. It does an excellent job of giving the mobile game taste which gets people hooked up. The player levels up as the story progresses gaining a bunch of skills and cool accessories. In this post, we will discuss how to light up the 9 lamps required at the Lost Runes Questline which have troubled almost every single player including us.

Light 9 Lamp Puzzle Guide For Lost Runes Quest At Diablo Immortal

If you have lit the lamps then it is time to reset that, as the fastest and most efficient way to solve this puzzle is to interact with all the corner lamps and then interact with the middle one. 4 corner lamps and the middle lamp that will activate the altar which in return will reward you with the quest rune. If  you are stuck and don’t know how to reset the lamps then all you need to do is leave the area of Grand Vestibule and return back.

It seems to be simple, however while solving the lamp puzzle a mistake made unknowingly at the beginning spoils and sabotage the whole experience making it impossible or most time consuming. For more informative guides on Diablo Immortal we will update it more frequently and provide the link below the description:

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