Diablo Immortal- Extract Essence And Inherit Essence Mechanic

Diablo ImmortalIn Diablo Immortal each of us are grinding for better gears, equipments, and gems to let your character ascend into one of the top tier Adventurers. However, even if we obtain a high rarity gear with better stats, there is a small hesitation due to the passive ability we had on our gear that we had been using was overpowered than the new obtained gear. To that solution we have Essence Transfer in Westmarch near Rakkis Plaza Waypoint and this guide we will explain how it works.

Extract Essence And Inherit Essence Mechanic In Diablo Immortal

Once you interact with Zamina who specializes in Essence Transfer, there would be two options i.e. Extract and Inherit. When you have selected Extract, a bunch of Passive abilities will show up that can be extracted depending on the gears you own. Remember Extraction can only happen when the specific gear is not equipped. If you have the gear equipped, then it will show “Missing Item” as the game cannot get hold of that item to extract its passive ability or essence of it. Use Essence Extract to those gears that do not matter as they will be permanently lost or destroyed.

Similarly, Inherit works as the opposite of Extraction. In this, the extracted essence or abilities can be learned by the new gears. Even if we replace the old essence with the inherited essence, it can be reverted back to its original old essence and stats by selecting to reset it. There is so much fluidity ingame that allows you to experiment with less to no penalty unless you mess it up somehow.

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