My Time At Sandrock Types Of Skills, Get Skill Points & Respec Skills

My Time At SandrockMy Time at Sandrock has come out to be really addictive and close life game that offers a variety of customization options for your character, workshop, and skills. You are able to acquire expertise and then upgrade, which means that as you level up, you’ll be able to develop specific talents, which makes the gameplay experience smooth and interesting. This is particularly useful for the gamer bugs who would be more focused on specific areas of the game, like workshop or combat. It also makes task completion a little bit easier.

In My Time at Sandrock, Knowledge Points are a valuable resource tied to character growth, providing players access to the new passive talents and traits. When the protagonist reaches Level 5, they can access the Knowledge menu, where they can distribute their points to several skill trees.

My Time At Sandrock Types Of Skills

There are four separate Knowledge Skill trees to invest points in My Time at Sandrock. Gathering, Workshop, Social, and Combat are the skill trees available.

Combat is concerned with battling enemy mobs whereas gathering is concerned with the player’s ability and efficiency in collecting resources. The Social is concerned with the player’s interactions with NPCs whereas The Workshop is concerned with features of crafting, such as material conservation You’ll gain more experience with each skill tree as you participate in various activities.

Each tree does have its own degree and experience bar, which means that only certain activities will help it grow. Each Knowledge skill in a category also has levels that can be upgraded to unlock additional skills and provide greater passive advantages.

How To Get Skills Points

To obtain different types of skill points players need to perform certain activities around the town. To get gathering points, you need to gather different kinds of resources. To obtain workshop skills you need to use these resources to craft different types of items. For getting social skill points, players need to talk with other NPCs or give them the gift they like. To obtain combat skills, players need to use their weapons and defeat their enemies.

The “Respec” option

With the possibilities of human errors present let’s say, you somewhat chose the wrong skill to invest or power up, and that you’re having trouble with a certain aspect of your Builder’s profession. Ladies and gentlemen, you guys are saved, the developers have made some significant amazing development to the game, where you can revive your wrong choices and save them up to your desired ones. What they call to be “respec”.

My Time At Sandrock How to Respec Skills

The better news is, that the story-lined gameplay even has a properly lined-up story for accessing the Respec option. To obtain this Respec, you must first travel to the town and then to Dr. Fang’s Clinic. Fang and his companion X dwell on the outskirts of town, near the game center and the cemetery, where you can find them.

Once you’ve located Fang, chat with him and select the Acupuncture option from his dialog menu. You’ll see a second menu appear after that. You can select which forms of Knowledge Credits you want to reset here. Because you can enhance a variety of talents, each of which falls into its own category, it’s critical to know precisely what you want to change.

Note: Respec of skills is will not be done for free by Dr. Fang, players need to spend a certain amount of Gols depending on the number of skills they have already unlocked.

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