Diablo Immortal- How To Upgrade And Increase Gear Levels Fast

Diablo Immortal

The feelings in your bones punch and kinetic energy of combat has always been a forte of Diablo Immortal and it naturally doesn’t disappoint the players. Continuing that tradition, the never-ending gameplay giving way to higher level dungeons and higher difficulty level delivers an amazing experience for the players.

Gears Rating In Diablo Immortal And How To Upgrade

We usually want a higher rating on both Offense and Defense which speaks volumes about the gear. Better gear with higher attributes such as Strength, Intelligence, Fortitude, Vitality, Willpower, etc. assigns a point on Offense and Defense ratings. In order to improve their offense and defense ratings, the player must improve these attributes.

There are multiple ways to swiftly level up the Offensive and defensive rating, the most efficient of which is to use Gems. But it won’t be easy because you’ll either have to spend a lot of
money or you might get lucky with the elder rifts. Another Pay to Win method is to purchase Battle Pass to obtain Scoria which will be used to level up the Wrathborne Helliquary and gain Bonus Attributes.

To upgrade the Gear we need to visit the Blacksmith who will be found in the Westmarch after completing the main storyline. To upgrade the Primary Gear we require Scraps, Golds obviously, Enchanted Dust, and Shards. For Secondary Gear, we require Enigmatic Crystals.

Ways To Upgrade Or Increase Level Quickly

To increase the level, we need to farm Enchanted Dust, Enigmatic Crystal, and Scrap Materials specifically. These can be done by following these methods.

  • Obtain a bonus or 2x times XP Rewards, Gold Rewards, Upgrade Material Drops, and Salvage Material Drops by staying below the Server Paragon Level.
  • Complete World Events.
  • Complete Challenge Rifts.
  • Hunt Hydra and Golem at the Library of Zoltun Kulle to obtain 6x Enchanted Dust each time it is killed.
  • Salvage All Weak And Unnecessary Items From The Drop.

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