Silt- Solution For Tree Birds For Whom We Need To Feed Worms

SiltIn Silt, once we cross the garden of carnivorous plants and proceed to the new area or chamber, we are greeted by a Tree where some kind of Birds reside. As a tutorial, it shows that these worms can be fed to baby birds. After feeding the first bird, we are shown that there are 3 more birds left waiting for their portion of food. Therefore in this guide, we have explained how to collect all the 3 worms efficiently without breaking a sweat.

Solution For Tree Birds For Whom We Need To Feed Worms In Silt

Basically, there is a total of 3 paths that can be taken. Up, Down, and Right. Let’s start with the upper section of the chamber. At the Top Chamber, you will find a garden of carnivorous plants which is simply impossible to cross while swimming normally. However, for our rescue, there is a shark whom we can possess to swim fast and scout the area. At the top side of the Right corner, there would be a toxic plant where you can bathe your Shark with Toxins and feed the plants one at a time. It is a time-consuming process, however, once you have eliminated every single one of the carnivorous plants, a path will be unlocked to reach the Worm fast.

After feeding the Worm found on the Top Chamber, time to go Down. Careful as you approach the cuck of leeches who will be found encountered first in an area. They will suck your life force bit by bit, however, they can be possessed. Possess one of the leeches and make your way across to possess the glowing Fish. Leeches are afraid of the glowing light, so move them away to make a path for your main body to reach the Worm found below. While returning make sure to attract other glowing fish who will scare the cuck of leeches. Even if one or two successfully attacks and manages to bite their teeth in your body, perform a flip to detach them and swim forward casually.

Finally, the third and final Chamber, the Right part is begging to be conquered. Once you reach the area where you can see the Worm being trapped inside some sort of cage. Possess the school of fish and navigate them inside the maze or passage. Opposite to the cage, you will find 3 carnivorous plants attached. Feed them the Toxic Fish to kill them and open the cage. Apparently, it seems that the cage was root. Attach the Worm to your head and swim ahead to feed the final bird to wake up the second Boss who resembles Spider.

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