Destiny 2- Iron Banner Daily Challenge

Destiny 2

Since the release of this new season in Destiny 2, gamers have faced a bit of confusion with the new updates and daily challenges in the game. The Season of the Haunted introduces new features to Iron Banner, and also a new seasonal quest to help you learn how to use them. Bounties are no longer available, and the vendor now has a fresh reputation system similar to that of other activity vendors. We are here to help you through and make sure your iron banner rank doesn’t fall. So here are some steps:

Iron banner match completion For Destiny 2

Gamer bugs, the best news to break to you would be, don’t have to win to collect your points and gears to buy. Take it as a bonus season where you got to complete challenges to gain an equal reputation and game points. However, if you have your last Iron Banner gear, congratulations. You can definitely equip them with all the upgradeable and add-ons with your reputation points. Note that you can still gain the reputation bonus by using Iron Banner amour ornaments instead of the actual armor components.

Complete the daily challenges / a challenge

During the week of the event, the developers no more give Iron Banner rewards for you to accomplish. Rather they are giving daily challenges to ease your path. As you progress through the event, completing daily challenges raises overall reputation gain. Daily challenges will grant you four boosts, implying that the Iron Banner event will grant you a total of four Pinnacle gear drops per character.

Claiming Engrams

You could now refine this engram with Saladin to change it into a specific piece of gear. Just like the last season in the Iron Banner, you can obtain weapons and armor. You still have another amazing option for your Engrams, where you can also send the Iron Engram to the Cryptarch, Rahool. And have it turned into a random piece of Iron Banner gear, just like you can with Umbral Engrams.

Quest completion

You’ve completed the mission at this point. To finish the objective, speak with Lord Saladin yet another time, which will entirely activate Saladin’s vendor options. Iron Banner battles are where you can acquire odd gear drops and gain extra reputation points, so you’ll want to play them if you want to earn additional rewards.

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