Sniper Elite 5- All War Factory Workbench Locations

Sniper Elite 5The fourth mission in Sniper Elite 5 is the War Factory mission. On the way to sabotage Operation Kraken, you need to find out war collectibles that can customize your gaming skills. Nevertheless, we have seen how and where to find the Spy Academy Workbenches, now we have to find out about the War Factory Workbenches. I will still recommend that finding out Workbenches on your own will have a great deal of fun yet this guide will make your way easier. So, without any further ado, lets get going. Like Spy Workbenches, there are only 3 War workbenches that are dispersed on the map. Here is how you can start.

All War Factory Workbench Locations In Sniper Elite 5

SMG Workbench: Reach out to the top zip lines to the south and to the small train depot. Follow the rails to the scrapyard. You need to kill the patrolling officer Matthaus Ehrlich using a rat bomb. Then find out a whitered brick two stored house. There must be a ladder inside the boundary that will lead you to the second floor. Stroll onto the balcony to find out a steel door is locked. You can either use a lockpick or a bomb to unlock it. There must be a workbench in front of you. That is the SMG War Workbench you be looking for.

Pistol Workbench: This workbench can be found in the Refinery Armory Room. This area will be patrolled by another Nazi officer, viz., Albrecht Schuster who will be possessing the Refinery Armory key. Kill him to get the key. The door to the workbench will be on the first floor left of the building. Open the door or as usual, bang it with a bomb or a Satchel Charger. There will be the Pistol-War
Workbench in the right of the player near the fence.

Rifle Workbench: Reach the northern area of the Steelworks (where an optional objective will be completed). In the War Factory area, there will be a building built adjacent to the Refinery. Enter into that building and after strolling for some distance turn left into a room of wear and tear. To the right of the room, there is a hole going down into a secret basement after you overcome a pack of steel rods. Between the white T symbol and the flag, there will be the last workbench. You have found out the last workbench, i.e., the Rifle-War Workbench.

That’s all!! You have found out all three War Factory Workbenches. For more guides on Sniper Elite 5, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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