Sniper Elite 5- All Spy Academy Workbench Locations

sniper elite 5

Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5 are kind of collectibles that gives access to the loadout menu and the player can change the gears before moving forward. Rebellion has thrown a wrench in the works which means that the locations of these workbenches are out of the blue but gratification is when you find out these places on your own. Nevertheless, if you are finding it difficult, here is the guide to lead your way.

There are a total of 3 types of Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5, viz., SMG, Pistol, and Rifle. To collect all of them refer to the map.

SMG Workbench Location

Let’s get to the SMG location first because it is the nearest when you will start mission 3 at the Beaumont Marshland’s beginning location (south western part of the map). Get up on the bridge and on the right side, there stands the castle where the workbench is. Meanwhile, gun down a few soldiers; that would make exploring the castle quite easy.

Roam on the main road towards the east until you find a red car behind which there will be a wall white-washed. You can easily climb upon the two ledges and then to your right, there will be a doorway, leading to the Workbench through a narrow passage. The SMG- Spy Workbench is found out.

Pistol Workbench Location

This workbench could be found in the mere center of the map which is the eastern entrance of the fortress. Here you need to find the Armory Key for further use; this key will be with the patrolling officer Josef Lowenstam.

Kill him and collect the key; head towards the Axis Armory, there will be a steel door inscribed with the name WAFFENKAMMER above it. Unlock the steel door and search the second chamber to find the Pistol- Spy Workbench.

Rifle Workbench Location

The third and the last Workbench is in the northernmost part of the map near the extraction point. You need to enter the Cathedral through the west entrance and get going till you reach some cardboard props. Take the stairs towards the left of those props into the courtyard. Find a cluster of vines. Climb those vines (only three of them) to get to the top of the building. There you can find the Rifle-Spy Workbench.

That’s all!! Now you have found out all the Spy Academy Workbenches.

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