Silt- How To Solve Rock Puzzle And Defeat Angler Fish

SiltSilt is a dark-themed underwater puzzle-adventure game where we take a role of a diver who can possess living aquatic animals and non-living objects such as switches. In the abyss, horrific behemoths lurk deep in the water which we have to encounter and pass through strategically. The very first creature, you will encounter would look similar to an Angler Fish monstrous version. If you are stuck and don’t have any idea how to proceed then we have compiled a small and simple guide for it specifically.

How To Solve Rock Puzzle And Defeat Angler Fish In Silt

Once we escape the snakes while following the glowing grass or light, we come to an underwater area where accidentally all of us have died from the sudden attack from the Angler Fish. If not! you guys are a liar. So, as shown in the image below there would be a few sets of rocks, first on the top where you can hide behind it.

Angler FishThe Monster Fish will try to attack you and hit the rock which will destroy the upper platform. There you can possess the Piranha fish and cut the ropes to let the huge boulder/rock fall down. The next action you need to perform would be to hide behind the boulder as shown in the image.

SiltSimilarly, the Angler Monster Fish will attack mindlessly, missing you and hitting the boulder. Dive down when the platform is broken to find a Hammerhead Shark and a Diver suit or a body that you can possess to break through its chain. After breaking the Diver suit, possess the Hammerhead Shark and swim to the top where you have possessed the Piranha. As shown in the image, break the rock with the help of Hammerhead’s abilities to break sturdy walls. The triangle-shaped rock will be stuck on the upper platform which will break apart once the Angler Fish will attack and defeat itself.

SiltWe will update more puzzle-solving walkthroughs on Silt, so make sure you keep on checking the posts frequently.

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