Silt- How To Cross The Area Of Carnivorous Plants


In Silt, we know that we can possess other Aquatic animals and transfer your soul onto their body to control. Even those fishes or aquatic animals that were devoured during possession will not destroy your soul. It might be possible as we all might have ignored a crucial unknown fact and advanced forward to this point where you are kinda stuck and need help. Well, worry not. No, carnivorous plants will stay alive when we and you are done with this post.

How To Cross The Area Of Carnivorous Plants In Silt

SiltBefore arriving at this area as shown in the image, you would have fed fish in order to unlock the path ahead. In hurry or without thinking you have missed the important part about the Black Smoke which we have noticed. The plants will emit smoke when you get near for their self-defense. It is a toxic gas that will naturally harm your body, however fishes or sharks are immune to that.

The consumed toxin is used as a weapon to kill the carnivorous plant that possess a threat to you. Possess the school of fish and search for the plant that emits black gas and navigate towards them. Once they devour those fish, one by one they will die and ultimately clear the path for you to advance. This trick will be used all the time when you notice a chamber or area where let’s say toxic plants are found.

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