My Time At Sandrock Feather duster & Iron Chef Free Cities Guide

My Time At Sandrock

In My Time At Sandrock, there are various types of items recipe as well as a cooking recipe that you need to unlock. To complete a few of the quests you need some specific type of recipe. Two of these recipes are Feather Duster and “Drool With Joy Noodles”. Below you will find how to get a feather duster and make the perfect recipe cooking for the quest Iron Chef Free Cities.

My Time At Sandrock Where To Find Feather duster

A feather duster can be bought from the commerce guild store. All you need to do is visit the store, interact with the shop and buy the recipe for 85 gold. Once you have bought the recipe you will be able to craft the feather duster from your workshop.

The feather duster is a tool that allows you to clean your workshop of Dinas after a sandstorm. Cleaning the workshop after the sandstorm with a feather duster will not deplete any stamina. To craft the feather duster the resources required are:

  • 2 Wooden Stick – Can be obtained from wood scrap or can be crafted using 3x wood.
  • 2 Thin Thread – Can be obtained from plant fiber.
  • 4 Feathers – Can be obtained by kicking trees and cacti.

Iron Chef Free Cities Walkthrough

You will get this quest from the mysterious merchant called “Iron Chef Of Free Cities” who wants you to research the perfect recipe. The description for the perfect recipe is:

  • Handmade Noodles
  • Fresh and Tender Meat
  • Boil a pot of Bone Soup Base
  • Add Some Green Vegetables

To make the perfect recipe you need to visit your cooking station and select the cooking pot. Then add the list of items shown below:

  • Flour
  • Meat
  • Rib Meat
  • Alfalfa
  • Seesai Pepper Blend

Add these ingredients to the cooking pot to make “Drool With Joy Noodles”. After making the food item, locate the mysterious merchant, and interact with him to complete the quest. Once the quest is completed you will get 990 Experience and +10 Workshop Reputation.

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