Genshin Impact- Danger All Around Domain Symbols Puzzle Guide

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game. Danger All Around is the third stage of the Perilous Trail Archon Quest overall story mode called Lurking Peril. This is a post to help players on how move around the symbols with different colors and beams of lights in this domain to move forward in their investigation.

Danger All Around Domain Symbols Puzzle Guide For Genshin Impact

The third stage of the Perilous Trail, Danger All Around has an objective to “Confirm the situation inside the Domain“. The description is as follows: In order to escape from the underground, the party keeps searching for a way out after getting some rest. But everyone starts noticing more and more anomalies while discussing the new path which will really lead to the outside world.

So, what we see are a total of four numbers (Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green) of symbols with different colors. If players step on the correct symbol, it will be activated to solve the puzzle. If players steps on the wrong symbol, it will cause some damage.

1. Yellow Symbol

Before taking the portal, watch the symbol carefully as there would be multiple yellow-colored symbols engraved on the stone, however, there is only four similar yellow icons on the floor that needs to be activated. This yellow beam of light is one of the easiest among all symbols, as it is very similar to an English Alphabet i.e. ‘RA‘ or ‘AA‘. This symbol also has four correct icons on the floor identical to the above two symbols.

Genshin ImpactThe player should step on all of the icons to continue the puzzle. After activation, Three Mitachurls will appear once all correct icons have been activated and the Genshin Impact players need to defeat them to continue the puzzle.

The next phase would be the Lightshapers, in this part, you can rotate the beam of light using the “Q” and “E” buttons. Move the beam of light and align them perfectly on each symbol in order to light them up. This activates all the large symbols which seem to be the key to solving the puzzle.

2. Green Symbol

The green symbol is a bit complicated but if seen in a different way it kinda looks similar to as a closed vessel or bottle that holds a small campfire sign. This one also has four correct symbols on the floor. However, only two Geovishaps will appear once the puzzle is completed. As in all symbols, here also defeat the enemies to continue the game. This green beam of the light puzzle will prove to be simple as you have already experienced how to arrange the lightshaper.

Genshin Impact

3. Purple Symbol

Similarly, step on the purple-colored symbol which was marked on the main platform. After correctly stepping on all of them a Lawachurl will appear and Genshin Impact players must defeat the enemy to continue the puzzle once all the correct icons have been activated as practiced before.

Purple Symbol

4. Blue Symbol

Remember the symbol clearly which seems like a Trident at one end of each of the two letters. Similarly, there will be again four correct symbols on the ground. Out of which there are three symbols near to each other in a triangle formation, so players can spot them easily. There will be three Vishap Hatchlings and Gamers will need to defeat them. After this go to the mechanism and move the beam of light.

Danger All Around Domain Symbols

Once all four symbols have been activated, the puzzle will be completed and unravel a new path. For more guides related to Genshin Impact, we have already covered it below:

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