Sniper Elite 5- Where To Find Satchel Charge And Destroy The Pillar

Sniper Elite 5In Sniper Elite 5 we approach objectives stealthily and if the invasions are “On“, any players or enemy snipers can join to hunt and eliminate you before the objectives are completed. However in the First Mission i.e. “The Atlantic Wall” we progress to the part where we have to Neutralize the Radar and in order to do that there are two approachable options. In this post, we will particularly explain how to destroy the pillar once we have reached the Radar Tower.

Where To Find Satchel Charge And Destroy The Pillar In Sniper Elite 5

Radar Tower is hard to miss and when you climb up to where the objective is marked, you will find that there is a spot where Satchel Charge can be placed. Now the main question that arises is where to find the Satchel Charge for it. Satchel Charge can be found in the trenches where it is placed on a supply box or inside a dugout. Closest to the Radar, there is a trench where you can find the Satchel Charges.

Two Satchel Charges will be consumed or required to destroy the Pillar. After placing the Satchel Charge, all we need is to select whether to Light Fuse (Quick) or Light Fuse (Slow). It is recommended to Light Fuse (Slow) as there would be enough time to escape from the explosion range. There is a Zipline provided from where you can slide down to the safety. After destroying or neutralizing the Radar, progress ahead as the new objective will be updated.

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