Sniper Elite 5- What Is Axis Invasion And How To Find Enemy Sniper

Sniper Elite 5The Sniper Elite 5, Rebellion Development corp has brought in the best of their edition and once again added a gem to their immersive series of Sniper Elite. This gaming series has surfaced on different gameplay platforms since 2012 and the latest addition i.e Sniper Elite V gives its gamers an amazing tactical combat experience, unparalleled 3rd person sniping view, and even a perfect immersive kill cam.

For the Gamer bugs who are reading this right now, we understand your confusion and curiosity about the new update that Sniper Elite V has come up with, “The Axis Invasion mode“. We are here to guide you through everything you could use to invade or defend using the axis invasion mode in the game.

Axis Invasion in Sniper Elite V

The idea of Axis Invasion is pretty simple yet it definitely makes the game a little more unpredictable and interesting. You chase down other players who are attempting to achieve objectives in Sniper Elite 5. As the Sniper Jäger, you must chase down their position and eliminate them before they complete their missions or kill you. You and your co-op buddy must fulfill goals or defeat the Jäger before they eliminate you as the protagonist. The main stress in Sniper Elite 5’s Axis Invasion Mode is the fact that you nor the enemy player knows where the is the location of each other. Once the Invasion Phone is ready, you can use it to identify where another player is, or you can tag them to track their moves for a limited time.

Sniper Elite V: Invasion

Once Invaded follow these methods if you want “W” and defeat the protagonist of the story.

  • Choose your best weapon in loadout
  • Tag Axis Soldiers
  • Look For Dead Bodies And Follow The Track
  • Proper Area Surveillance
  • Ensuring Proper Internet Connectivity
  • Set Up Traps And Flank
  • Use Invasion Phones

Select the Play in the Main Menu to start Axis Invasion Mode. You’ll notice an entry for Axis Invasion there. When you click it, you’ll be given the opportunity to begin an invasion search, in which you’ll be paired with another player.

Finding Enemy Sniper

There are some more techniques for finding out the location of energy snipers. And one of the best is Invasion Phones. While you’ll be able to identify the location of the enemy player but the edgy catch is your location will be revealed as well. If your enemy is really cunning, they may be able to foresee what you will do next. It’s preferable to count on your allies and corpses to locate them for you if you can avoid it.

Apart from that, you can start tagging your allied soldiers and their indicator will be permanently marked. When they are alert or engage in combat, their Indicator will change and allow you to locate the enemy Sniper. Once your allied soldiers spot the enemy or multiple enemies, it will be shown on your screen, allowing you to flank or get on a vantage point to snipe them and break their skull in Sniper Elite 5.

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