Sniper Elite 5- Stolen Antiques Location Optional Objectives

Sniper Elite 5

Optional objectives in Sniper Elite 5 are optional missions that help you to push your rank
and XPs. This game has many noend levels that help players to play in their own way to take
down Nazi soldiers and complete the mission. So, without any further ado, lets dive into the topic.

Locations Of Optional Objective Stolen Antiques In Sniper Elite 5

Recovering Stolen Antiques is an optional objective; i.e. needed to be completed to earn three stars. It’s kind of a submission in the Occupied Residence Mission. You need to kill some specific soldiers or you might hack into vaults behind paintings in order to get the antique pieces that will add to your Hidden Items category.

This mission takes place at or around Chateau Estate; heavily guarded by arms forces; present in the northern part of the map (the smallest map to be explored). One must be warned that even if this is an optional objective, this place is heavily guarded by armed forces… It was never easy an easy task to infiltrate.

Recover Stolen Antique 1 Soldier Statuette:

As you enter into Nazi camps, overcoming the forest and the stream, leading into the eastern
road, you can spot a massive house (call it a bungalow). That’s the mansion you will be looking
for. Move stealthily into the Courtyard of the Chateau Estate where soldiers. Try to get near the gate without being noticed. As soon as you reach the gate, you can notice a white flash coming from the tower of the northwestern building, there’s where the stolen antique is. From the northwestern building, a sniper would be aiming at you, take him down and some more gunman. Reach to the dead sniper using climbers protruding out down the wall. That’s it, you have got your first stolen antique and a personal letter which needs to be collected from the chest.

Recover Stolen Antique 2 South of Chateau Estate:

The next antique is on the third floor of the Estate but to get hold of it, first, you need to disable the alarm system or it might alert the soldiers inside the chateau. How much, a good sniper you are, they might reach you in any direction, and defending might be a pain, so let’s disable this system (present in the middle of the courtyard) using a silenced gun or SMG. After you do so, reach out for the stairs in the middle southern part of the chateau, climb up to the third floor and enter the first opened room. See if any soldier is present inside it, kill him (if any) with a silenced weapon but be fast. When your path is cleared open the crate inside the room using lockpick or bolt cutters. There will be another antique piece inside it and a personal letter.

Recover Stolen Antique 3 northwestern of Chateau Estate:

Check the northwestern region of the Chateau Estate. After you move out of the Abelard Moller’s Office, turn left, walk straight, enter the second doorway to the left and head straight into the bedroom. As soon as you enter you will notice a personal letter again lying over a crate at the end of the bed. Take it with you. Beside the bed, towards the left, there will be a painting. Point towards it and you can remove it sidewise to get a safe hidden behind the painting. The safe can be opened in two ways:

  • Using a Satchel charge it can be found in the Chateau Cellars. The Cellars can be accessed using the stairway of the ballroom or a ramp heading into the southern end of the Estate.
  • Using the code learned from Intel information (scribbled on a personal letter). Once the safe is opened you can find out the last Stolen Antique.

That’s it!! If followed properly, you must have found all three Stolen Antiques in Sniper Elite 5. For more guides, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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