Sniper Elite 5- Mission 2 Kill Challenge Fredrich Kummler

sniper elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 is another jaw-dropping present by Rebellion Developments to the world of gamers who were eagerly waiting for the sequel of this franchise. It has over a countable number of missions and no-end subsidiary missions for raising your hit points in sniping skills.

After completing the quests in mission 1, i.e., in the Colline-Sur-Mer, one can advance to the second mission, viz., Occupied Residence mission in the Occupied Residence area where you need to Search and Kill Fredrich Kummler. If you want to know where Mr. Kummler will be right now, then follow this guide till the end. So, with no further ado, let’s get going:

Sniper Elite 5 How To Find Fredrich Kummler?

Occupied Residence mission has many quests; among which the most fascinating and the seat warming quest is Killing Fredrich Kummler. The mission starts with the Occupied Residence area, located in the southernmost part of the map, in the Residence Camp.

Reach the courtyard gate of the Chateau Estate by overcoming the forest and the rivulet and disarm the alarm system in the middle of the courtyard so that you can wander inside the Estate unnoticed.

Use Focus or binoculars to reach out where the soldiers are, avoid or kill them (need to know how will you not alert other soldiers) to get inside. Enter through the door into the ballroom where you can find the target- Fredrich Kummler conversing with other soldiers.

This isn’t as easy as it seems, you need to have a high level of tolerance while moving around because once you get noticed, defending would be difficult; there will be a great influx of soldiers hither and tither.

How to kill Fredrich Kummler?

The Nazi commander can easily be gunned down with a shot gun yet killing Kummler by crushing him under the chandelier isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be patient and tactical while murdering him. Once you get into the Ballroom, you can hide behind the wooden arch to avoid spotting.

Tarry a little: the soldier makes take some time to finish his ongoing business and to roam around, he will go to the spot just under the chandelier. When he reaches a table in the center of the Ballroom, you need to act fast.

There will be a safety box on the right side of the Wooden arch. Interact with it, in other words, release the chain. The chandelier will fall right above the commander and gets him crushed. That’s one way of doing this. The other way round, you can aim your Silenced Sniper to the point of suspension (winch) of the chandelier. Hold your breath and shoot.

This also makes the chandelier fall down upon Fredrich and yes, he gets killed. Either way, shooting Fredrich dead isn’t quite approachable because once you gun him down, you get noticed and the very next moment, the army of Nazis might gun you down.

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