Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1 Kill Challenge Steffen Beckendorf

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In Sniper Elite 5 most of the mission, you will find a kill target from the kill list that you need to eliminate. Eliminating these kill targets in a specific way will grant you bonus rewards. In Mission 1, The Atlantic Wall the first target will be “Steffen Beckendorf“. Below you will find him where to find this target, where to find him and how to complete the kill challenge to obtain a bonus reward.

Sniper Elite 5 Where To Find Steffen Beckendorf?

To find Steffen Beckendorf you need to visit the bottom left part of the map near the resistance safe house. He will be patrolling in his Kubelwagon. Once you reach the resistance safe house, look for a car riding around with your binoculars and you find him.

How To Complete Steffen Beckendorf Kill challenge?

There are multiple ways to kill Steffen Beckendorf and but to complete the kill challenge you need to kill him with an explosion. Once you spot his car and try to scout the travel route.

After finding his car travel route, you need to place your mines accordingly so that the car travel above mine. Then wait for his car to come and get blown up by the mines. Once Steffen is dead from the explosion you will complete the kill challenge and obtain the M.Pist.40 as a reward.

Below you will find a few of the other ways how to kill him:

Start gunfire near him, kill a soldier’s body, and hide nearby. Steffen Beckendorf will come out of his car with his bodyguard to inspect the body. Then you can kill him with any normal gun.

You can also visit the pier located in the south part of the resistance safe house. Once you reach the pier you will find Panzerfausts (Rocket launcher) that can destroy Steffen Beckendorf’s vehicle and you can easily kill him.

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