Sniper Elite 5- How To Use Rat Bomb And Kill Matthaus Ehrlich Challenge

Sniper Elite 5 is primarily about being a sniper and executing those near-impossible shots from afar, there are plenty of other, more sophisticated ways to take down your targets, much like the popular Hitman videogame genre. But we are here to have a small chit-chat about the fourth mission in Sniper Elite 5 which is among the most difficult in the game’s storyline. Gamers face some difficulty completing the mission in the gameplay.

Matthaus Ehrlich is one of the people on the list. In Mission 4, you’ll be able to use a Rat Bomb to kill him. We are here for your rescue.

Sniper Elite 5 Locate Ehrlich

Matthaus can be difficult to find. As soon as the quest begins, players must find a little building at the area’s corner, where they will come upon the target.

Ehrlich can be found in the southwestern area of the map. Stay out of sight after you arrive; you don’t want to draw his attention to yourself. Matthaus Ehrlich must be blown up with a Rat Bomb as part of the task. This particular item is available right at the start of the task.

Sniper Elite 5 How to detonate Rat Bomb

Three white traces of dead rats may be seen in this huge room. When you come close to each of these, you’ll be given the option to detonate the bomb there. It makes no difference which rat site you pick to place the bomb on if you do so. Ehrlich will be tempted to check this dead rat after entering the house if this is taking a long time you can use a better way to take up his attention. You use the Whistle to bring him there. If he does, the bomb will detonate, killing him. You will receive Machine Pistol 44 and some extra XP as a reward for finishing this task.

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