Sniper Elite 5- Crowbar Location And Where To Find The Circuit Breaker

Sniper Elite 5Sniper Elite 5 is one of the best tactical shooter games where each mission has multiple optional objectives i.e. needed to be completed in order to get full stars. For the variation even the Primary Objectives can be completed in any of the two ways and if you are interested in Finding the Radar’s Power Source and are stuck when the Crowbar is missing or do not know where the circuit board is then we have compiled a complete guide, especially for it.

Crowbar Location And Where To Find The Circuit Breaker In Sniper Elite 5

The Radar Tower where you need to advance according to the mission can be seen from afar is literally an unmissable target. As there are two options in which we can approach, one is to “Find The Radar’s Power Source“. In this Mission, we will need to sabotage the Generator to cut off the power supply. When we approach the working generators inside the Bunker i.e. located beneath the Radar, it shows that “Missing Crowbar“.

Now players are confused about whether they have left Crowbar at some other places which we needed to pick earlier or if there is a specific Crowbar that fits in the generator. Not to fret there are a total of 4 Crowbars located all over the map, two inside the bunker and the rest in the garage. Well, we need one of the crowbars and the closest of it would be inside one of the chambers found on the west side of the generator location. Once you have sabotaged it, we need to Pull the Circuit Breaker. Cables will lead you to the Circuit Breaker which will be outside the Bunker i.e. behind the Radar Tower.

Interact or pull the Breaker which will initiate a small cutscene after completing the mission “Neutralize Radar“. For more guides on Sniper Elite 5, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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