V Rising- Best Farming Ways And Location For Scales

V RisingV Rising is more of crafting than a survival game as we need to invest our time crafting a bunch of necessary gear and items all the time. Speaking of gears, apart from your character, servants also need a set of armors that will allow them to increase their Power Level. Scales are an important resource due to the fact that it will be required to craft and repair the armors. Therefore, it is necessary to learn what are the ways and best possible locations to obtain the Scales which we have covered in this article.

Best Farming Ways And Location For Scales In V Rising

Scales can be obtained after performing several tedious tasks. There are multiple and various ways in which you can farm them and store them later for their greater purpose. First and foremost the easiest way to farm Scales would be at Spider Cave present in the Cursed Forest. Usually, you will farm a decent amount of scales after defeating or letting spiders self-destruct in the cave.

The second most important way to farm Scales would be to eliminate the Earthworm. Due to the low appearance rate, it is quite a difficult task, however, they are mostly found in Swampy areas of Cursed Forest. Each earthworm is worth a fortune as they drop in the range of 70-100 Scales.

Third, Frogs can drop Scales which means Swamp Of Greed in Cursed Forest will be getting busy soon. You can fight against multiple frogs and a Frog Boss outside and inside of the areas. Finally, Fishing can be practiced in order to farm Scales in a non-violent manner. It is not consistent but there are chances of obtaining Scales from fishing by following this method. Before fishing, check the drops to whether Scales are available on the spot.

Apart from the main method, Chests also have a chance of dropping off Scales which we can’t say is a reliable way or source of farming. However, you know anything that provides Scales is welcomed. For more informative guides on V Rising, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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