My Time At Sandrock How To Craft Better Tools & Recycle Old Stage

My Time At Sandrock

In My Time At Sandrock at the beginning of the game you have tried to break a hard rock or hardwood, you will get a notification to get better tools. These resources can be obtained when you will craft a bronze ax and pick hammer. While playing you will also come across a quest called “The show must go on” and in this quest you need to recycle the old stage and build a new stage.

The new stage blueprint is been already updated in your assembly station book. But before you need to build the new stage, you should recycle the old stage. And to recycle the old stage you need the bronze pickhammer. Below you will find how to craft the bronze pickhammer and the resources required for it.

My Time At Sandrock How To Craft Better Tools

To craft the bronze pickhammer the resources required are:

Bronze Bars – You can craft this resource from the furnace. ( The resources required are copper ore and tin ore that can be found on the Eufaula Salvage Ruins or you can also buy from the hammer time shop).

Wooden Stick – You can obtain this from the worktable or from the recycler.

Copper Screw – At this point in time you won’t be having a grinder so the only option left for you to is visit the hammer time shop and buy the copper screw for 18 Gols each.

One sharpening Stone – The only way to obtain this item is by buying it from the hammer time shop in exchange for 512 Gols.

Once you obtain all these items, head over to the worktable and craft the bronze pickhammer. Then use the hammer to dismantle the old stage. Then craft the new stage using the assembly book station and install it to complete the quest.

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