My Time At SandRock How To Build Recycler & Furnace

My Time At Sandrock

In My Time At Sandrock, you will be starting as a builder that will take over Mason’s old warehouse. Your job is the develop the village of Sandrock by completing various quests, request,s and collecting resources. If you are playing the game for the first time, you might get confused at the beginning about where to find resources to craft items and complete quests. Below you will find a guide to completing the starting quests, and how to build a recycler and furnace.

My Time At Sandrock The New Builder

The new builder is the first quest you will receive once you reach the Sandrock village. One of the sub quests of the new builder is that you need to build a recycler. To build the recycler the resources required are:

  • Stone Trough
  • Wood
  • Grinding Saws

Stone Trough and Grinding Saws can be obtained from the worktable. Once you select the recycler on the assembly station, the items required to build it will automatically show in your worktable. Else you can check your assembly station book to locate the resources. To obtain woods you need to use your axe to cut the small bushes called “Yakthron” which are pretty common.

My Time At Sandrock How To Build Furnace

Picking up the slack is the second quest you will get where you will need to assemble and install the crane. Before assembling the crane you need to build the furnace. If you have already built it, you can check out our previous guide on how to build Crane Lift.

The resources required to build the furnace are:

  • Stone Trough – Can be crafted using the worktable.
  • Quartz – Can be mined using a pickaxe on the gravel that you can find near big rocks.
  • Wooden Stick – Can be crafted from the worktable, or you can recycle the wood scrap using the recycler to obtain wooden sticks.

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