My Time At Sandrock Assemble, Install The Crane Lift & Go Inside Mine

My Time At Sandrock

While exploring the Sandrock area in My Time At Sandrock, you will get an emergency call from the Commerce Guild where you will notice a fight between Mr. Rocky and Yan. Mr. Rocky needed a Crane lift to get installed on the Eufaula salvage mine. From here on you will get a quest to build and assemble the crane lift. Below you will find the resources required to build the crane lift and where to find them.

My Time At Sandrock How To Build Crane Lift

My Time At Sandrock

The resources required to build the crane lift are:

  • Bricks – Can be obtained from the Furnace
  • Wooden Stick – Can be crafted from the Worktable, and can also be obtained from a recycler by using wood scrape.
  • Thick Rope – You need to go visit the Commerce Guild and on the right side you will find a billing machine. Interact with the machine to open the shop and purchase the Thick rope recipe. After that, you will be able to craft thick rope from your worktable.
  • Copper Stick – Can be obtained from the recycler by using copper scrap. To obtain the copper scrap you need to visit the Eufaula salvage area where you will find a lot of mixed junk that gets replenished daily.
  • Bearing – Obtain the mechanical scrap from the Eufaula salvage area and then put these scraps into the recycler to obtain bearings.

Once you have obtained all the items head to the assembly area and finish building the crane lift. Then take the crane lift to the Eufaula salvage area to install and unlock the mine where you will find more rare resources.

To visit the mines you need to use the lift and once you are inside the mine, you can use your pickaxe to find valuable resources by using the scanner. You also need to find the door that will lead you to a deeper level of the mine. To locate these doors you need to use the scanner and look for the green arrow mark.

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