V Rising- Tailor Floor And How To Build Rooms For Bonuses

V Rising

V Rising is an open-world survival game that features two modes Player Vs Enemies and Players Vs Players. In PvE mode, you don’t have to worry much about your castle. But in PvP mode player needs to make their castle better to produce resources faster and cheaper. Below you will find ways how to produce resources faster and cheaper.

V Rising Tailor Floor

The tailor floor is one of the structural items that you need to unlock in your study. To unlock the study you need to defeat the Nicholaus the Fallen level 37 boss by tracking him using the blood altar.

To unlock the tailor floor from your study research table you will either need to obtain its book by exploring or by using 75 scrolls and try your luck to discover. As long as you have matching floors in your castle your buildings will consume 25% fewer resources to produce other resources.

Note: The first structural item on your study research table is the tailor floor.

V Rising How To Build Castle & Roof For Bonus

Roofs will be automatically added once you complete all the walls and pillars and completely cover your territory from all sides. To build your castle you need to first put down the entrance and the walls. Make sure not to use Palisades that are mentioned in the tutorial where you need to build three of them.

You need to place down proper walls that require stone bricks and planks to craft them. First, you need to install pillars around your region and once all the pillars are set, you need to connect them with the walls. Once you have set up the walls, place an entrance and fit the door to complete your castle. Once your castle is completed you a roof will automatically be added on top and your quest will be completed.

After the roof has been added to your castle now all the buildings inside it are enclosed. Fulfilling this criterion will grant you to produce your resources 25% faster,

Note: To make stone bricks you need to first build the grinder.

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