V Rising Quartz Farming Location Where To Find Them Easily

V Rising

Quartz in V Rising is a vital ore to be harnessed. By converting quartz into the glass, you can make valuable artifacts like Scourgestones, Dark Silver Ingots, and many structures inside the castle. Unlike iron, copper, or gem stone veins, nodes of quartz are not as prominent and can be overlooked. It looks like a shining white crystal protruding from the ground might camouflage with giant white-moss rocks (if present behind them). That’s all you need to know before starting your hunt.

V Rising Quartz Farming Location

Quartz nodes are scattered all over Vardoran yet it isn’t enough to satisfy your future needs if you don’t find a particular spot to farm quartz in abundance. There are many spots where the proportion of quartz is high. They are:

  • Dunley Monastery
  • Dawnbreak Village
  • Mosswick Village

First of all, let’s invade Dunley Monastery. Before entering the place make sure to drink Holy Resistance Potion to venture around and overthrow enemies (enemies are likely to be present here) to clear your path for search. Enemies, crates, and graves present over there might give you both quartz and glass as drop or loot. Reach near the Monastery and see quartz nodes protruding from the ground hither and tither, around the church.

Dawnbreak Village and Mosswick Village are likely to be the best spots where you can farm quartz nevertheless, be aware of the bosses roaming around, viz., Christina the Sun Priestess (a level 44 boss) and Jade the Vampire Hunter (a level 62 boss), Nuns, and other mobs. There can be plenty of quartz veins scattered around the church of Dawnbreak village and in the northern part of Mosswick village.

Once you locate those places chop them off to get quartz stones and get a handful of them. Feed the
stones into the furnace. You will get a glass pan per 20 quartz stones.

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