V Rising- Pristine Hide And Pristine Leather Farming Location

V Rising

The grim realm of V Rising lets players hold on to their vampire fan base while also exploring a medieval environment where gothic creatures dwell on your screen and night animals come out in force. Its survivalist and crafting mechanics, on the other hand, offer some unique ways to obtain stuff and engineer more from them. The Pristine Hide is one of these goods.

The Pristine Hide is the key manufacturing element for Pristine Leather, and it’s quite useful for players who want to craft armor. And it’s only possible by killing werewolves in the game world. These nocturnal creatures dwell around the location, whom you have to defeat and obtain your stuff.

The gameplay provides a real immersive experience of a fantastic World where spells works but even you have to retain your survival techniques to live up to the catastrophic surrounding. Invariably unlike all other basic ingredients for tier I, II, or III tools and weapons the pristine hide is needed for crafting
the pristine leather for shielding work.

V Rising How To Craft Pristine Leather

You may have observed that leather is required to upgrade in V Rising. A tannery is required to obtain
leather. After defeating “Keely – The Frost Archer”, you can start working in a tannery. In the tannery, if you put fish oil and pristine hide, the end product you will obtain is pristine leather. You can check out our previous guide on where to find fish oil. Below you will find how to obtain Pristine Hide.

V Rising Where To Find Pristine Hide

All you have to do to earn Pristine Hides is search for Werewolves. Anywhere around the Dunley Farmlands is one of the best and most popular spots for werewolves to spawn. As they only spawn at night, you’ll need to plan your farm accordingly. They might vanish into thin air when you hunt them for Pristine Hides.

Obtaining Pristine Hides off Werewolves is the most difficult part of manufacturing and obtaining
Pristine Leather. Fish oil is simple to use. Crafting this will be simple after you have the first two
ingredients, as it does not require any more farming

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