V Rising- Holy Radiation Debuff And How To Counter It

V Rising

In V Rising we have been ruling the dark nights as one of the alpha vampires of the dark world. However, even daylight can’t stop the assault as the game allows us to reset the timer of sunbeam by lurking into the shadows. At few specific locations, we will come across the attribute Holy Radiation which seems to be harmful and drains the notorious vampire’s HP in a jiffy. To learn everything about the Holy Radiation and how to counter it, we have compiled this guide for all fellow gamers.

Holy Radiation Debuff And How To Counter In V Rising

Holy Radiation is a type of debuff that you will run into in some particular places which will consume all of your health at an alarming rate. If the Resistance stats of your character is 0, then 10 HP will be lost per second. You’ll get this debuff in some places located between Dunley Farmlands and Farbane Woods where areas are protected from Holy Radiation or established as Holy areas. To defend against it we can brew or craft Holy Resistance Potion or Flask that will simply negate all the damage we had experienced or yet to.

To craft the Holy Resistance potion we will have to use Alchemy Table and of course, one needs to build the structure before you can enjoy a wide range of potions. To obtain the recipe, you will need to defeat the level 44 boss “Christina, the Sun Priestess” who stands tall at Mosswick Village or wander around the stretch to Dawnbreak Village. The recipe requires:

  • 2 Scourgestone
  • 60 Mourning Lilies
  • 1 Full Bottle Of Water

Once you use the potion, the timer or icon will be added below which will show how long the potion can work. Even clothes or the Bear Form shields us from Holy Damage as it offers us Holy Resistance along with other bonus stats. Specifically focusing on Holy Radiation we have completed this post, if you are interested in more guides on V Rising, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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